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While other law firms cover Maritime Law as part of their portfolio of services,

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Our Firm was founded by Charles Davant, Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Admiralty and Maritime Law since 2013, who orchestrates each case.

Since 2018, we’ve handled over 500 maritime legal matters, efficiently and effectively achieving positive results for our clients.


Handling marine insurance defense and coverage disputes only.


You will be assigned an expert maritime attorney under the supervision of Mr. Davant.


Based in South Florida and available to practice anywhere in the United States.


Knowledgeable in all the applicable state, federal, international and flag-of-convenience laws and regulations.


Solid track record consistently returning favorable results in and out of court.

Maritime Law Practice Areas


Marine accidents and incidents are high stakes with a lot of moving pieces. Our clients rely on us for prompt, efficient help handling all the details and leaving nothing to chance.

Technology-forward and equipped to streamline and expedite the legal process

Expert guidance through the complexities of maritime legislation and liability

Offering extended availability after hours for incidents and accidents

Marine Insurance Coverage

Because navigable waters and the vessels traveling them are governed by differing and sometimes conflicting regulations, there are few clear-cut cases. The same is true for marine insurance coverage. Whether you are an insurance broker or vessel owner, we are prepared to evaluate and negotiate your maritime insurance coverage dispute until successful resolution.

Jones Act Liabilities

The Jones Act regulates coastal trade in US waters, with implications for commercial vessels and seamen’s rights among others. We are well equipped to review your case against any applicable Jones Act liabilities in order to protect your interests to the furthest possible extent.


While the concept of salvage is quite simple, salvage contracts, stakeholders, and difficult conditions at the location of the salvage often result in complicated disputes. If you are a vessel owner or other stakeholder looking to recoup your losses in a marine salvage case, we can provide you with our best advice so your case can proceed smoothly and favorably.

Marine Product Liability

In the case of injuries or damage happening on or caused by a marine product (like a commercial or recreational seagoing vessel), the manufacturer’s liability may be limited to a few select scenarios. If you are a manufacturer of  maritime products and a  liability case was brought against you, we have the expertise to defend you from unfair obligations.

Crew Member Claims

If one of your crew members or other personnel have been injured while carrying out their duties on your behalf and decide to bring civil action against you, we can assist you in evaluating, preparing for, and even preventing costly future claims.

Limitation of Liability

In the case of an accident, the owner of any of the vessels involved can invoke the Limitation of Liability Act in order to protect themselves from excessive liability and financial loss. Let us know if you’d like us to steer your Limitation of Liability case in the right direction.