Our Firm

Decades of Combined Experience in maritime law

Matters of the sea are complex enough to deserve undivided attention, and that’s why everything we do revolves around admiralty law.

Our Founding Partner Charles Davant is one of the few board certified maritime attorneys in Florida, and, together with a committed team of attorneys and dedicated office staff, we are ready to untangle the knottiest marine defense and insurance coverage cases.

Guiding Your Legal Matters to Safe Harbor

When you’re dealing with a big, expensive, and complicated maritime dispute, your best option is a crew of experts to lead you through the storm and represent your best interests from day one. From out-of-court settlements to favorable judgments in Federal or State Court, we have achieved positive results for clients in Florida and around the nation.

Our Team

Charles Davant


Charlie is at the helm of our Firm, providing expert guidance and wisdom to benefit each client’s case. His remarkable proficiency in maritime, product liability, and insurance law along with a deep-rooted passion for boats and maritime affairs allow Charlie to steer each case with ease and precision.

Aaron Dmiszewicki


Aaron, who specializes in the insurance and appeals aspects of maritime law, was Charlie’s first hire when he joined Davant in 2018. With his keen interest and continued study of the laws of the seas, Aaron has the skills and mindset to solve any legal conundrum you might encounter.

Rachel Davant


Rachel Davant

Rachel practices law at Davant (focusing on healthcare and maritime issues) and teaches it, too, thanks to her position as adjunct professor. She is a proficient litigator who considers maritime disputes from all angles including international law, contract law, personal injury, and anything else that may benefit her clients.

Melaina Haisfield


Melaina capably handles litigation and transactional matters in maritime, real estate, aviation, and corporate law for Davant clients. As her client, you will benefit from Melaina’s deep knowledge spanning almost two decades in maritime law around the country and internationally.

Christina Coizeau


Christina specializes in maritime law with a focus on commercial and civil litigation. After a successful real estate career, Christina changed course, graduated with honors from law school, and is now an ambitious and dedicated lawyer fighting for her clients.

Brandon Bushway


Brandon is an accomplished attorney advising clients on a broad range of maritime issues, utilizing his comprehensive knowledge of relevant statutes, persuasive communication and strong advocacy skills to achieve positive outcomes.

Jennifer Mulligan


Jennifer Mulligan is a dedicated attorney and persuasive, analytical writer with a compelling combination of people skills and in-depth knowledge of maritime law. With international expertise and practical boating experience, Jennifer offers a unique set of talents that benefit her clients far and wide.

Caitlin Burton


From her very first job as a file clerk, Caitlin has built her career at various law firms. She finds law fascinating and is thrilled to be a part of the dynamic Davant team, assisting clients professionally and attentively while continuing her exploration of the laws of the seas.

Mary Dost

Lead Accountant

Mary is our dedicated Lead Accountant focused on supporting the success of the Davant Law team and clients. A native of Detroit, Michigan, Mary has a background in finance and a degree from Henry Fold Community College.

Christa Lanzano


Christa is a Paralegal and Notary with a commitment to excellence, assisting clients with any legal questions they may have while collaborating and facilitating administrative tasks for our Attorneys.