Christina Coizeau

Christina Coizeau, Attorney, specializes in maritime law, commercial and civil litigation. Christina is a talented and accomplished attorney who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.

Christina grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Liberty University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies in 2017. Her focus was on math, science, and music. Later, Christina undertook some graduate work in English Literature.

In 2020, Christina received her Juris Doctor from Florida International University – College of Law, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude and ranked 4th in her class of 119. Christina’s GPA was 3.67, and she received several CALI excellence awards while in law school.

Christina’s career included a brief stint as an Associate Professor. She then embarked on a 10-year career in commercial real estate brokerage and management; eventually, Christina’s career progression led her from real estate toward the field of law. After passing the bar exam, Christina worked as an attorney at the offices of Heise, Suarez, and Melville, P.A.

Christina finds maritime law fascinating, saying, “Maritime law has a rich and storied history that is integral to the development of Western society as we know it today.”

With her hard work and dedication, Christina earned an “Excellence in Service” award from Florida International University (FIU) for her work assisting small business owners with legal matters. Christina has worked as a mentor for high school students and has spent several years as a Satellite Chapter Coordinator for the Urban Land Institute.

Despite her demanding schedule, Christina is also a lover of the arts, particularly opera. She finds that the beauty and complexity of this art form provide a welcome escape from the rigors of her work.